Visually represent the 8x table

Things that come in groups of 8 are quite hard to come by - but it is always handy to have some real life examples of things that appear in batches of eight if you are teaching the eight times table. Eight is a tricky on, but lego is, as always, a useful standby.

While you have got the lego out - it can usefully show how 2 lots of 4 makes 8

2 x 8 = 16; and

4 x 4 = 16

If you are looking to visualise your eight times tables, you could also consider spiders (with their eight legs) or octagons (with eight sides), the points of a compass or items from the supermarket such as bottled water and batteries.

Pair of shoes with eight eyelets in each shoe
Eight eyelets in each shoe

Eight points of a compass

And of course, if you need to, you can always

The eight legs of an octopus

revert to our good friend, the spider