The Times Tables Square: for practice, or to track progress

Times Tables Squares - the easy way to practice

Just print one off and get cracking!

Times Tables Squares can be quite daunting, as there are so many white boxes to complete.

They are often used to test times tables - just multiply one number on the horizontal axis by one number on the vertical axis and write the answer where the column and row intersect.

I really wouldn't set out to fill in the whole grid in one go - it is quite daunting. Cherry pick - which table are you learning? Concentrate on that table and one or two others.

Blank Times Tables Square

Download your blank times tables square here

Don't forget to check your printer settings if you only want to print in black and white.

Don't forget that as multiplication is transmutable, the answer to 6 x 4 is the same as the answer to 4 x 6 - and this means that you can draw a diagonal line from top left to bottom right and ignore half of the grid (it is basically just repetition).

Track Progress

These squares are a lovely way to track times tables progress. Firstly draw the diagonal line from top left to bottom right through the "square numbers" (like 4 x 4 and 5 x 5). Ignore the bottom half. This always makes you feel better!

Next tick, or colour in the box for all the multiplication answers that you know. This is always rewarding as you will surprise yourself by how many you know.

Lastly identify the multiplication sums you need to work on, and colour them in once you are confident.

This method gives you a very visual hit list. Good luck!

As an extra fun idea, why not use a couple of blank times tables squares to play Multiplication Battleships?

If you need a crib sheet, or want to be able to mark your own answers, here is one we made earlier...

Completed Times Tables Square

Download a completed times tables square here