Quirky poem to learn the eight times table

It's real simple, get it straight,

One times eight is simply eight,

Two times eight, sitting by a stream,

Two times eight is sweet sixteen.

Three little eights must barricade the door,

Three times eight are twenty-four

Four times eight are on the court

Doubles tennis is their sport

They're hot and tired, that is true

They'd love a drink - they are thirsty too! (32)

Five times eight is ten times four (5 x 8 is 10 x 4)

That one's really not a chore

Six and Eight went off to skate

When they came back they were forty-eight.

As time passed, their mother cried

Until at last she dried her eyes

Seven times eight are fifty-six

Would you like to know the tricks?

Turn it round the other way

"56 7 8" I prefer to say

I ate and ate 'til I was sick on the floor (8 x 8 =64)

I thought I couldn't eat any more

My mother said I never should. But then I did. It did no good...

I ate one lot more, just nine eights (which are seventy-two).

Seventy-two tastes horrid. I was sick on her shoe

Ten times eight is plain to see

As ten groups of eight are just eighty

Eleven times eight is eighty eight

That's eight groups of ten plus one more group of eight

At twelve times eight do not lose hope;

Imagine yourself a bridge of rope.

Across that bridge twelve tired eights tramp

The bridge is wobbly, yet on they stamp

Go gently on those rotten sticks!

12 x 8 is ninety-six

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