Make Great Strides with Times Tables

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Motivate your kids

Keep a record of your practice

Award yourself progress stickers

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Ever feel you are letting a things slip that are important but easy to forget - like practicing times tables with your kids? I love a good tick list, preferably somewhere I will see it (like in the kitchen). I love using this chart which has been designed specifically to keep a record of which tables have been practiced, and how often. You can use it as a reward chart if you like, or it makes a great visual record of progress.

Times Tables practice chart

There are a huge choice of colourful stickers (144 in total). Choose up to two a day to show what table you have practiced, how fast you feel you worked, and what sort of progress you are making.

You can buy the Practice Chart here, or, if you prefer just download the chart and fill it in by hand. It doesn't really matter - but one thing is for sure, practice is the way forward! Best of luck