5x table memory ideas

Stuck for how to remember the 5x table?

Read on - we have collected ideas to help your 5x table stick.

It is a great times table for younger learners as (a) we have five fingers on each hand, which really helps with visualising what is going on and (b) 5 is half of ten. So if you multiply a number by 10, you can halve your answer to find that number multiplied by 5.

1 x 5 = 5

Speak this to yourself and read the "x" sign as " lot of".

One lot of 5 is 5.

A most useful feature of the 5x table is that multiples of 5 can easily be dealt with by being grouped in pairs to make groups of 10

2x5 = 10

Two lots of five

Use your fingers.

3x5 = 15

Three lots of five

4x5 = 20

Think fingers and toes to make up your four lots of 5.

Group 5 and 5 to make 10

Two lots of 10 make 20

5x5 = 25

Try a rhyme using this image from Kippson.

The shape of the number 5 looks like the letter "S" so instead of 5 x 5 we get SS (Sally Skydiver).

"Sally Skydiver's 25. She is glad to be alive"

6x5 = 30

There are five minutes between each of the numbers marked on a clock face.

6 lots of 5 occurs at the bottom of the clock face when it is 30 minutes past the hour

7x5 = 35

7 lots of 5 can sound daunting

Try gathering the groups of 5 together to make groups of 10.

8x5 = 40

Gather pairs, as above (you will get 4 groups of 10)

Alternatively, as with any even number group of 5, firstly multiply by 10, then divide your answer in half

8 x 10 = 80

so 8 x 5 is half that number (80 divided by 2 is 40)

9x5 = 45

You may be more familiar with your 10x tables?

If so,

10 lots of 5 is 50

You can count backwards from here.

9 lots of five must be 5 less than 50

ie 50 - 5 = 45

If you are using Kippson's flash cards or stickers, a little rhyme can help

"9 x 5 is eagle-eyed"

To add to the imagery, the "4" is like the sharp beak of the bird, and the 5 could be a wiggly worm

10x5 = 50

The digits of any number multiplied by 10 will all move one column to the left

5 becomes 50

11x5 = 55

Think of 11 lots of 5 as being 10 lots of 5 plus another 5

10 x 5 = 50, so 11 lots of 5 is 50 +5

12x5 = 60

There are five minutes between each of the numbers marked on a clock face.

12 lots of 5 occurs at the top of the clock face when it is 60 minutes past the hour

For more multiplication learning ideas, worksheets and reference sheets see Kippson's free resources page