PTA Offer!

  • Great offer price for your parents
  • PTA retains 10% of sales for your school
  • Free resources for your school (donated by us)

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone at your school was motivated and excited about times tables learning at the same time? Just think of the energy, interest and momentum it would create. Coordinating parent purchases through the PTA is a great way to save costs, as well as ignite a school wide interest in multiplication. 

For more information contact us providing your name and role at the school (parent, chair of PTA etc) and your email address. We can provide a link to everything you will need to make contacting your parents efficient and simple (letter of introduction, order form, price list). Support your children's learning at home and help your school - perfect!

Orders from schools

Kippson are happy to support schools by offering a discounted price for bulk orders. Whether you are looking to buy flash cards, wall stickers, or a set of posters for your classrooms, we will be happy to help you! 

For further information on how we can help your school, please contact us