About Us

Think colour. Think imagination. Think creatively.

Are you looking for a way to encourage children to engage with their times tables, to remember them, and become more confident with their maths? 

Are you keen to find ways to reduce the friction with your kids over learning their times tables?

Do you wonder how to make times tables really stick?

We've been there! The Kippson times tables range was developed to counter exactly these issues. We wanted our children to enjoy learning their tables, to engage (really look) at the numbers, and to develop a mental times tables map so they could calmly and confidently recall times tables facts, even under pressure.

What makes your products different?

Kippson designs and sells educational times tables products with a difference. Strategic pairing of a times table theme with pictures enables a child to visualize times tables facts and build a times table memory map. Children love the colourful approach. They delight in bringing times tables to life by making up whacky stories to link the images with the times tables answers.  Make it visual. Make it memorable. Make it stick.

Are the wall stickers really removable and replaceable?

Absolutely  – get sticker happy – learn whilst moving, arranging and decorating. And then do it all again! They can be removed and replaced many many times if you keep them clean (don’t apply to dusty or crumbly surfaces or newly painted areas)

There are lots of  digital apps for times tables… why use wall stickers and flashcards?

Kids have so much screen time, and it is often a very individual activity from which parents are excluded. It is refreshing and rewarding to work with your child, quietly looking at a picture to invent a silly rhyme, flipping through some flash cards, or sharing a new way of thinking about a tricky table.

Do flashcards really work?

Yes. Flash cards are a trusted staple in the student toolkit. They are ideal for regularly revisiting times tables facts. Regular review is important for long term memory. They are also great for practice testing - the simple act of calling information to mind strengthens that knowledge, and aids in future retrieval. 
Flash cards can be sorted, shared, shuffled, hidden, flipped and of course, stuffed in a pocket for learning on the go.

Who are we?

Kippson’s times tables wall stickers were conceived in 2013 by Kate Cooper, lover of infographics, mind maps and wall displays. She was looking for an imaginative and visual way to engage children of any age with learning their times tables. Black and white lists of numbers just weren’t getting the attention they were due… Something needed to be done
Just because times tables usually fall within the preserve of the mathematics syllabus – why not weave them into a story, or attribute them character, colour or sparkle? Everyone loves a good story. Adventures with times tables – make the journey exciting
The Kippson team is based on the South Downs, and is always seeking innovative ways to make learning fun and effective

I’ve got something to say. How do I get in touch?

We would love you to become part of the conversation – whether via our Facebook page or email: we love hearing your thoughts and feedback.

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