for fast and confident times tables recall

What table are you working on?

...choose your table and check out the theme!

 The themes are really helpful

    Here's how

They make

memory hooks

They form a


like a memory access point

We all know what it is like to have a mental block when asked a times tables question

Instead of a blank, think of the theme 

The theme links all the numbers in the table.

It triggers the picture cues for each times tables answer, helping you to answer confidently.

The themes are easy to remember

Division is easy

with a theme

Hey, that's EASY

96 is an Explorer Eight

It must be divisible by eight!

"Name a factor of 96..."

  • If you recognise a number as belonging to a particular theme (e.g. you know that 56 is part of the Seven Seas)

  • then you know it is in the seven times table

  • so you know that 7 is a factor of 56

The pictures are engaging

  You won't lose interest in learning!

Each picture is a



for the multiplication answer

Each picture

RELATES to the 


The power of the memory cue

Making your own connections between the pictures and the numbers

It is a key part of the memorisation process

It helps you process and remember the information


Make up rhymes

Rain and sun makes twenty-one


The curly 6 and 3 mirror the shape of the curly ammonite


See the answer written on the rough bark. Drag 3 fingers down - one for each number

Imagine 7 and  7 are two little boys wearing baseball caps. They  both wanted to sit in the deck


chair so they FOUGHT (this gives you the number 4). But the big round daddy NINE told them off and sank into the chair himself.They were both disappointed

Practice makes perfect

Suit yourself - there are so many ways to use these cards and stickers

Up and down the stairs

Sing or chant as you go up and down. 

Quick fire questioning

Fast and furious, or
slow and steady?

Barn Yard Steal

Around the clock

Learn to tell the time with your 5x table!

Slap the answer

Keep those stickers front of mind - stick them around the house. 
Make it physical - run and hit the correct answer

Flip for the answer

Fast and furious, or
slow and steady?

Hide and seek

Hide the cards and stickers around the house

Roll those dice

Fix one dice to choose the table you are working on, and multiply by the number on the other. 
Or be random - just roll and multiply!

Watch the videos

Check out our resources 

 Memory techniques and ideas dedicated to each times table