Kippson Times Tables endorsed by National Numeracy

Posted by Kate Cooper on

Kippson is pleased to announce that its range of products are being promoted by National Numeracy in its Family Maths Toolkit .

The Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together. The site also offers resources to help teachers support family engagement with children's maths learning.

Kippson designs and sells educational times tables products with a difference. Strategic pairing of a times table theme with pictures enables a child to visualize times tables facts and  build a coherent times table memory map.

For those who prefer a kinaesthetic approach, the glossy flash cards and removable peel and stick wall stickers lend themselves to games all over the house: stick them up the stairs and chant your tables as you go up and down, decorate your bedroom mirror, or run and slap the answer on the wall.

Children love the colourful approach. They delight in bringing times tables to life by making up whacky stories to link the images with the times tables answers. There is plenty of opportunity for parents to get involved, play games, discuss connections and engage with their child’s learning away from the screen. This is where memories are made.

For more information on the National Numeracy campaign, click here

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