Faced with a maths problem - does your mind go blank?

Posted by Kate Cooper on

National Numeracy are a charity that helps people in the UK to improve their everyday maths skills, all the more important as millions of UK adults suffer from maths anxiety. National Numeracy don’t believe there is a maths gene allowing the lucky few to be good at maths, and have quizzed around 12,000 people about maths anxiety as part of  their online confidential assessment tool (National Numeracy Challenge). 

If you (or your child)  suffers maths anxiety, they suggest that key things to remember are that:

  • You will improve with practice - belief and effort are key (think Growth Mind-set)
  • Slow down, don't be afraid to take your time
  • Think of another way to solve the problem (write it down, try something else, draw a picture)
  • It is OK (indeed normal) to struggle. That is how we learn.

For more information visit the article Making Maths Count


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