Making learning visible

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This is a lovely article highlighting the power of doodling, and making learning visible. 

"While doodling has often been seen as frivolous at best and distracting at worst, the idea of sketchnoting has grounding in neuroscience research about how to improve memory. When ideas and related concepts can be encapsulated in an image, the brain remembers the information associated with that image."

In the article, William Klemm, a professor of neuroscience at Texas A&M University also advocates thinking in images and stringing them together into what he calls “story chains,” to vastly improve how much students can remember. Sketching notes makes these story chains visible and tangible. 

The Kippson times table images lend themselves well to this approach. Become engrossed in the numbers and images - really look. Make up your own story chains within each theme (or times table) to help memory recall, or maybe doodle your own...

Making learning visible: Doodling helps memories stick


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