We have called it this as you can imagine all the sheep lined up in the barn before a quiet  spot of sheep rustling takes place!


  • One set of times table cards (eg the 12 cards that make up the six times table)

  • Two 12 sided dice



The winner is the first person to collect 5 cards


Set up

Lay out the cards face down (so you can see the question only) in order in a line as shown in the picture below. Turn the face of one dice to show the times table that you are working on (eg the number 6 for the six times table). This dice does not move throughout the game.

Set up layout


Player one rolls the dice.

Multiply the number on the face of the rolled dice by the number on the static dice (here the 6 times table). Say the sum aloud. e.g. If you roll an 8, say “8 x 6 = 48”

Find the card for 8x6 and turn it face up to check your answer.

If player one is correct, he may keep the card. If he is wrong, return the card to the table with the answer face down as before.

Player two takes a turn.

What happens if...

Q   You roll the dice and it indicates a card that you already hold in your hand?

A   Nothing, you already have that card

Q   You roll the dice and it indicates a card that the OTHER player is holding?

A   The card must be placed back on the table and returned to play. It is now up for grabs by either player on their next turn(s)


The winner is the first person to hold 5 cards