We design and sell educational times tables resources  with a difference


The strategic pairing of a times tables theme with pictures enables a child to

  • visualize times tables facts; and

  • build a times table memory map


Children love the colourful approach. They delight in bringing times tables to life by making up whacky stories to link the images with the times tables answers.  

We have carefully selected our partners to ensure that our products are high quality, safe and robust. 

All our flash cards and stickers are designed and printed in the UK


Kippson’s times tables wall stickers were conceived in 2013 by Kate Cooper, lover of infographics, mind maps and wall displays.

She was looking for an imaginative and visual way to engage children of any age with learning their times tables. Lists of black numbers were just so dull and limiting. Frustrated by the lack of resources to fit the bill, Kate set up Kippson to design and produce powerfully visual times tables resources. 


"I started on the computer at home choosing colours and fonts for each table with my daughter, then laboriously cut each out and stuck them around the house. Once the numbers had a colour and a bit of character she found it much easier to remember them. 
It was so exciting to see how her visual memory could retain the information once it was more meaningful to her. Creating Kippson was the best way I could share this resource with other parents and children."

Just because times tables usually fall within the preserve of the mathematics syllabus – why not weave them into a story, or attribute them character, colour or sparkle?


Everyone loves a good story. Adventures with times tables – make the journey exciting


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